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Welcome to the JOrganizer Homepage
JOrganizer is a web- and javabased PIM (Personal Information Manager). It includes the following functionality:
  • Contact - Manage contacts: create, edit and delete contacts; includes a fulltextsearch
  • Mail - Receive eMails (Pop3); write emails
  • Time Registration - Manage the time you spend on your different projects: create actions, customers and projects; run analyses
  • RSS/RDF - display News from RSS/RDF-Sources on the homepage
  • Google-Search - search within Google from theJOrganizer homepage
  • ... - many new features are planned in the future!
Build on Open Source
JOrganizer is nearly 100% based on Open Source solutions. For example:
  • Jakarta Struts
  • mySQL
  • Castor
  • Jakarta Tomcat
JOrganizer was also developed with Open Source Tools like Eclipse, EasyStruts and Apache Ant.
I start developing the jorganizer because I need a software like that. I'm a free software consultant (if you need help with your Java project's you find more information here ;-) and I'm working most time outside my office. There I need access to my contacts, eMails and other information. With JOrganizer they are all stored on a single server and I can reach them, as long as I have access to the internet.
The second reason is that I want to learn and stay up to date with the latest technologies. That's why the JOrganizer is - for example - not using a single way to store his data.

I made JOrganizer Open Source because I want to give something back to the Open Source Community. That's my way to say "Thank you!" to the people that developed things like Struts or Castor, just to name two.
  • Alexander Ilg - development; 26 years old; free Java consultant
JOrganizer is released under a Apache-Style-License.

You can find the license here.