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juniverse.org RDFParser 0.1
The RDFParser package provieds some Java classes that allow an easy parsing of RDF/RSS files. It includes an RDFCache, where you can store your RDF Sources.

The RDFParser classes are included in the JOrganizer JAR file. You can find a example of how to use them here.

This is just a first step, RDFParser needs still a lot of work ...
juniverse.org JoDoc
The Tool that has generated the homepage you are browsing right now. It transform simple XML files into html pages. You can insert html-tags for the formating of the main contant, everything around will be managed by an XSLT file, so you can change the "framework" of your webpage in a single file.
Struts Code Clips for TextPad
TextPad [ www.textpad.com], one of my favorite texteditors (Shareware), has a feature called "Code Clips". Code Clips are like key-value paares: If you click on the displayed key, the value will be insert in the active document at the cursor location.
There are severale Code Clips shipped with TextPad like html-tag, html-characters and other. You can create your own Code Clips very easy. I have created Code Clips for Struts. You can download them here.

The TextPad Code Clips